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    Aarn Design's passion is developing the most energy efficient, comfortable and strain free load carrying systems for the outdoors on the planet.

    Using the findings of Sports Science, Aarn Design challenges traditional thinking on pack design. No longer just backpacks, Aarn Design's body centered load carrying systems are better described as ”FlowMo Bodypacks”. They disturb the posture, balance and movement of the body as little as possible under load (unlike backpacks), and therefore completely replace backpacks as the most comfortable and efficent way to carry load on the human body.

    FlowMo * A pack which flows with body movement.


    * A pack where you can match the center of gravity of load to the center of gravity of the body, so that your posture and balance are unaltered by the load. * A pack where all body contact parts can be customised to create a mirror image of your torso size and shape.

    This biomechanical approach to load carrying has been proven by Sports Science to give outstanding benefits compared to backpacks:

    MINIMUM EFFORT* load carrying




    GEAR ACCESS without stopping

    Enthusiastic testimonials from users world wide are showing Bodypack principles really work. Enthusiasts are telling their friends and gradually the word is spreading around the world. This small NZ company is revolutionizing the experience of load carrying in the outdoors.

    Other complementary and biomechanically efficient equipment Aarn designs or sells includes:

    Pacer Tents. These use the rigidity of trekking poles to create lighter structures with greater stability for fast moving adventures.

    Pacerpoles. The worlds first left and right handed trekking poles. These are the most efficient and comfortable trekking poles ever developed, and they have been taken to the most extreme environments on the planet.

    All Aarn's equipment is designed in Aotearoa-New Zealand using the wild and beautiful Southern Alps as our play and testing ground. Aarn Design is here to create equipment that works in harmony with the human body, deepening the intimate connections between body, spirit and nature.