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    BLOK portrait is a premium laser portrait service that engraves your 2D and 3D images into solid blocks of crystal.

    BLOK portrait offers unique gifts for birthdays, weddings, graduation, valentine or to commemorate your anniversary. Family, kids and baby portraits or photographs look amazing with BLOK portrait. Life is moving so fast, precious moments come and go therefore a personal and appropriate memorial for all time can be captured with BLOK portrait.

    BLOK portrait is a novel portrait experience resulting in a 3D moment being locked forever into a block of optical grade crystal for you to treasure. You can also send us your favourite pictures and we’ll put them inside crystal in 2D.

    Unlike photos, BLOK gives you all 3 dimensions in the permanence and tactile neutrality of solid crystal. The result is flattering and as meaningful as the person or image it captures.

    BLOK will never fade or date, requires no costly framing and won’t clash with your décor. Your friends won’t be able to put your unique portrait down!

    So if you’re searching for something a bit different as truly meaningful gifts are hard to find then BLOK portrait will give you a uniquely 3D, permanent, tactile and meaningful solution.

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