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    Totzone Kiddy Kastles have been in use in New Zealand banks, surgeries and shops since 1998. With many satisfied customers throughout Auckland, Whangarei and Hamilton, these colourful and practical play surrounds of Totzone Kiddy Kastles will ensure your customers, clients and patients have a positive experience when visiting or shopping with their children.

    Totzone Kiddy Kastles are committed to providing businesses and organisations with interactive play surrounds and toys that children find fun and entertaining and which are both safe and hygienic.

    The primary goal of Totzone Kiddy Kastles' cleaning and maintenance plans are to ensure there are no additional demands on you or your time whilst giving you and your customers peace of mind.

    With three standard size options and the opportunity to customise colours, sizes and toys, Kiddy Kastles can be used in just about any environment.

    We all know that children don’t enjoy queuing in banks, waiting in the Doctor's surgery or hanging around while Mum or Dad do some shopping.

    By giving children a safe, hygienic and fun place to play you can add real value to the experience you provide your customers or clients.

    In a retail environment it can lead to more sales. In a bank it ensures everyone can complete their business without interruptions brought on by irritable children. In a Doctor's surgery it reduces the stress of waiting with a sick child.