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    HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery is a boutique plant nursery and award winning garden design business based in Wellington, New Zealand. HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery specialises in designing with plants using beautiful plant combinations that give structure and style to a garden from instant hedge to standards and topiary. HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery will select suitable plants for your location and set them in a semi-formal garden design.

    HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery's creative Ruby Necklace design won the Innovative Garden Design Competition, sponsored by The Wellington Botanic Garden. This is Wellington's annual garden design competition for innovative design & use of plants.

    HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery's has a range of natural organic supplies for developing healthy vegetables and gardens, and for controlling insects and diseases. HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery's also has the largest collection of Box topiary in Wellington including balls, cones, columns, pyramids, and pompoms and a wide selection of pretty fragrant climbers, which have been trained over frames to provide a romantic feature for your garden.

    New products in the HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery's Catalogue 2009 include:

    Twisted Ivy Standards - useful as well as decorative, for those shady & hard to grow places like front doors!

    Camellia Standards & Espaliers - Camellia Standard "Yoi Machi" with white flowers & light pink edges; and Camellia Espalier "Sweet Jane" PVR with pale pink gardenia-like flowers

    Box Topiary Galore – we have the biggest selection of Box Topiary in Wellington. NEW - Box Standards 1.2m tall.

    Visit HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery's website for a current availability list of selections, sizes and prices or contact HEDGE Garden Design & Nursery's for more information.