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    Ashton Grove - creators of excellence in fine furniture. Ashton Grove specialise in creating a furniture masterpiece to suit your specific needs.

    In a world of mass production and brand hype it is an uncommon pleasure to find a company that fits a different form…

    The Ashton Grove hallmark is to craft furniture to the highest standard using the finest timbers to create a truly hand made product. Ashton Grove pieces are enriched with layers of traditional umbers and tars, then finished with hand rubbed shellacs and waxes. The results? A patina even the most discerning buyer can appreciate.

    What makes Ashton Grove different from the rest? Style and substance. Every piece of furniture is hand made and crafted individually. The timber is hand sanded and stained. With care and attention to detail, every piece of Ashton Grove is hand distressed and waxed. It is this hand crafted style – each item unique and slightly imperfect, that paradoxically makes the piece perfect. Aston Grove's creations will be enjoyed for years to come.

    Ashton Grove furniture is crafted predominantly from French Oak. Cherry, Elm, Walnut and Australian Red Gum are used when available, and other timbers can be sourced upon request.

    Creating furniture with individualised functionality, Ashton Grove will work with you to design and assist you in putting form to your own furniture needs.