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    Whangamata Wellness is run by Maureen & Roger Kennerley who both have diplomas in massage and Aromatherapy. Maureen also has her diploma in Holistic Pulsing. Roger has a diploma in Herbal Studies Gentle Therapeutic Manipulation and practices Spiritual, Auric, Magnetic Healing and gives Tarot spiritual guidance.

    Maureen & Roger at Whangamata Wellness often work together with clients, blending their skills and including skills learnt from various healers, masseurs, osteopaths, creating a unique blend of intuitional work on body mind and spirit helping to come to their full potential, often helping healers realise their abilities and clearing limitations.

    Through Whangamata Wellness, Maureen & Roger cater for massages, aromatherapy, holistic pulsing and many other forms of healing. They have successfully helped with the following conditions or imbalances: eczema, psoriasis, depressions, arthritis, gout, RSI, panic attacks, menstrual, stress, infertility, pregnancy, menopausal, digestive, bowel, respiratory and last but not least emotional.