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    SARAH C Art and Design are my obsessions! I am an artist and graphic designer based in Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand. I have been painting and creating and designing throughout my life and my work is in private collections both in New Zealand as well as Spain, Canada, Britain and France. I also offer a graphic design and print management service. Anything from invitations to flyers, advertising, logo design and stationary.

    My ancestry comes from the Coromandel and Ngati Porou descent, however I spent my childhood and teenage years in Mangawhai Heads, Northland. Both of these locations, along with the Northern tip of New Zealand, and more recently the Waitakere beaches and bush, have become a source of inspiration. As New Zealanders, I think we are extremely lucky to be surrounded by such magnificent beauty. As an artist, to be able to capture the essence of the landscape or the feelings evoked from the landscape and nature and draw it into a specific space, whether out in the garden or into your lounge or office, is the most rewarding of gifts.


    “A small garden, outdoor or indoor space will appear larger & more interesting when a focal point or piece of artwork is included.”

    ‘Art for the Outdoors’ are a collection of Sarah C artworks that have been transferred onto baby zinculume. They are suitable for hanging outside. Each piece is taken from an original Sarah C artwork and is guaranteed to liven up any garden or indoor space and create an instant atmosphere.

    "As a body of work have I drawn upon a huge array of mixed mediums and techniques. From painting and drawing to collage, charcoal, printmaking, pastel, oil sticks, oil paint, concrete... basically anything and everything I could get my hands on! Often I have used my hands instead of a conventional paintbrush to create the works"!

    Transferred via a printmaking process using UV inks, these pieces have a fade resistance of up to fifteen years in a cool spot with full shade, and even longer if hung inside and out of direct sunlight. This is great new art that has instant effect. No watering or weeding required!


    Each piece is a Limited Edition. This means that there will only ever be a set number created. After that no more can be produced. On the back of the panel is the authentic Sarah C signature and the number. The number will be for example, 12/15. This means it is piece number 12 out of 15 created. Sometimes I will sign a piece A/E this stands for Artists Edition or artists proof.


    Firstly Cedar Surround Frame, these are handcrafted frames, specially made to fit each panel. They are painted with black all-weather acrylic. Secondly is the option of Natural Cedar Back Frame, as pictured. This frame cannot be seen from the front of the piece. It's used to strengthen the panel and attach wire for hanging.


    Often in my work there is a constant striving for balance between structure and chance. This theme arose for me especially while studying at Unitec School of Design, graduating in 1998 with a Bachelor of Design specialising in Visual Communication. This theme has grown over the years and after setting a career in the graphic arts as a senior designer, seems to have blossomed and grown stronger.